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5 Star Hot Tub Hire Gallery

Have some pictures we can use for our new site?
Send them over and we'll put them up here! Full gallery coming soon...

GALLERY UPDATE - NEW! : Here's some photos of OUR BRAND NEW TUBS!

Our brand new luxury 5/6 seater. LED lights. Rigid fixed seating. Great looks. What more could you want?

This is our flagship tub. 6/7 person with captains chair and cool down seat. Fixed rigid seating is accompanied by high power hydrotherapy jets that actually simulate a real massage, as opposed to just bubbles you may see from other tubs. Also, this tub comes with LED lighting and will make every party a real occasion!

Getting hot tub into a garden

This is one of our delivery guys getting one of our Diamond hot tubs into a beautiful back garden across a small bridge.

Hot tub hire delivery on a bridge


Making the tub all nice and clean

Here's Paul, another one of delivery guys dropping off a Platinum tub into a customers wonderfully landscaped back garden and giving it one last once over to make sure it's sparklingly clean and ready for hire.

All of our NEW FLEET of tubs are rigid spa's and come with proper fixed seating, hydrotherapy jets and LED lighting... At 5 Star Hot Tub Hire we only have the BEST tubs... Be aware, hot tubs are VERY different and most tubs hire firms use are NOT suitable for hire!

The 'build in your back garden' type tubs are extremely unreliable, have constant error messages, lose heat quickly, have no seats, have liners than rip easily and discolour even more easily, and are difficult to get fully clean - you have to sit on the floor in them... Build in your garden tubs and are a very poor quality alternative and as such we took the decision to stop offering them for hire. We have left this gallery here until we are able to update with new photos of our new tubs.

These are images of our old discontinued tubs below:

We no longer offer any type of 'build in your back garden' tub. They are only really suitable for gardens with extremely tight or difficult access.

5 Star Hot Tub Hire Gallery 2


5 star hot tub hire
This is one of our original tubs we do not offer anymore... Our new tubs are much more suitable and frankly many many times better!


Hot Tub Hire Gallery
You can see the heat coming from the sparklingly clear blue water and the deep massaging effect of the 130 massage jets, creating bubbling bliss!


Hot Tub Hire Gallery Pic
Our hot tubs stand on approximately 6 foot square of firm, level ground able to take the weight of the water and adults on it. On this install, the patio furniture and BBQ were moved to the side and it sat proudly and safely on the patio. We like to suggest 8 foot square of space is ideal, but not essential.


Hot tub hire Mansfield, Nottingham
One thing you'll know if you've been in a hot tub before, is that they're guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Whether it's for a party, a romantic weekend, Christmas or New Year celebration it doesn't matter... Your guests, friends and family will LOVE it and will be talking about it for a long time to come.

30th birthday party in Sheffield - Lovely views!
This hire was for a "surprise" 30th birthday party from his mates!
The views of the Sheffield countryside from the tub were amazing, can't appreciate it fully from these pics!

19th Birthday Hot Tub party in Chesterfield
This tub was for a 19th birthday party in Chesterfield

Worksop teenagers hot tub birthday party
14th birthday party in Worksop

Worksop long term spa hire
This one's a long term hire for a family, not for any special occasion, they just wanted to relax in the evenings under the stars (although your very own hot tub makes EVERY occasion special)

Hucknall 14th Birthday Party
This was for a 14 year olds birthday party for her and the girls! Hot tub partys are the latest craze around hucknall at the minute and it's VERY trendy to have your own hot tub party at this girls school.

Stunning views in Sheffield!
Another pic of the wonderful backdrop to this hire in Sheffield. A great time had by all!


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