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High-quality rigid sided REAL Hot Tubs for Hire in the Nottingham, Sheffield, Derby, Lincoln and Midlands Area with FREE Delivery (and SAME DAY or NEXT DAY delivery is often available)

5 Star Hot Tub Hire are all about spreading the message that HOT TUBS ARE GREAT! :)

All-year round, whether it's the Christmas and New Year period, a Birthday party or just some 'you time' a hot tub is a great way to spend your time, relaxing, with friends or family in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Often, hot tubs are mistakenly taken as a 'Summer thing' and although they are great in the summer, they're even better in the winter.

The colder it gets outside, the better hot tubs feel! And if you're concerned about the great British weather spoiling your fun, there's no need! Just grab yourself a Gazebo from Argos or Ebay, you can buy them from just £20!

So, when you come to 5 Star Hot Tub Hire for your spa rental, what can you expect?

You can expect that we'll take care of all the work so you don't have to!

As long as you have a flat level area in your garden, be it decking, patio or even grass, we will do our very best to get you a hot tub into it. It doesn't matter what access issues there may be, if we can get it in, we'll get it in. We do require good access as all of our hire tubs are PROPER tubs with moulded seats, hydrotherapy jets and LED lighting so unlike many hire firms that flop some awful looking paddling pool type tub and 'blow it up', we ***DO NOT*** do inflatables (and never will!) and we do have to get them in physically..

...But don't worry, just because we REFUSE to hire out poor quality 'build in your back garden' type tubs doesn't mean we give up easily if there are access issues... if there's a way to get it in, we'll do our best to get it in!

And we'll know before we take your booking if we'll be able to manage it... We've NOT walked away from a single hire yet having agreed to get it in!

So, what happens on the day of delivery?

We'll usually call you a day before or on the same day to tell you an approximate time of delivery, we're very flexible so if you have an issue like you can only be in from this time to this time, we can usually work around it and we try to give you a time-slot of 1-3 hours for delivery.

We arrive with your hot tub, assess the site and decide with you exactly where you want your hot tub to sit. Then we get it rolled in. After a quick last clean to make sure everything is PERFECT, we're ready to teach you exactly how to use the tub and chemicals, in step-by-simple-step detail.

We go through how to operate the machine and exactly how much chemicals to add and when during your hire.

But don't worry, as complicated or not as you may think having a hot tub might be, it's a doddle!

So, we've delivered the tub, set it up, gone through the operation of the spa, talked you through the chemicals and added your first dose for you to get you started. An hour to an hour and a half later, the tub will be filled. You just turn off the tap, and switch on the hot tub.

Usually by the next day (often as quick as 12 hours - but please allow 24), the tub will be all warm and cosy and ready for some 'you' time!

But that's not where the service ends...

If you have ANY problems and we mean ANY problems, just give us a call, any time of day or night...

...and we'll either talk you through exactly how to sort it out, or just come back out and sort it for you! The service doesn't end when we drop the hot tub off. You're in expert hands that do this for a living and understand how to solve 99% of issues that may arise.

So, at the end of your hire, we will contact you to arrange a time to pick it up. All we need is access to power and an unlocked gate...

...you don't actually have to be there when we pick up, unless you want to be!

When we get there we start by draining the tub using a special pump that shifts the water fast, then we use specially designed machines to clear the remaining water that's left and suck up 99% of the visible dirt. But that's where the cleaning starts.

Then after cleaning down with specially designed anti-bacterial spray, we jump in and deep clean it from top to bottom. This can take anywhere up to an hour but again, this is the service we offer... We don't want you to think about or worry about this, we take care of it! Once it's immaculate we load it into the van. When it gets back to base, we DEEP clean the tub again, often not only sanitizing it but jet washing it if need be, and we run chemical FLUSHES that clean out the pipes and internal workings of the Spa's regularly... so everything's perfectly clean and safe for the next hire!

Also, we won't just keep reusing the same filter week after week, month after month... When it needs a new filter (often cases every hire) the tub will get a new filter - at our cost...

Other firms say they 'sanitize' their tubs and filters but we often hear horror stories of them not even cleaning them for months at a time and leaving them with unsuspecting customers!

We don't want to scare you but be aware of uninsured, fly-by-night operators that buy cheap, usually inflatable hot tubs and don't clean them, don't change filters and see it as a get rich-quick scheme. You, your family and your guests health are our primary concern! We want your tub to be spotless, and your water to be clean and safe throughout the hire.

Some of the horror stories we've heard from other firms would make your skin crawl.

Here at 5 Star Hot Tub Hire, we're fully insured with public liability insurance but first and foremost, we care! This is not about making as much money as we can, as quick as we can, like it is with some other firms. It's about being here for the long-term and giving GREAT service and a great experience for a fair and competitive price, time and time again, so you're happy, and you recommend us to your friends and you want to use us again!

If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call.

You'll find the lady on the phone - usually Hollie - is really friendly and helpful, great with customer service and knows her stuff too! (...and she's not some scary guy that's going to go GRRR! ha!)

We'll talk you through everything and sort out the best option for you...

And most of all, we won't let you down!

We'll be there, when we've agreed we'll be there... We hear it all the time, people booked a hot tub through other firms and they just didn't turn up on the day!! Well, this is not acceptable, you might have a party arranged or something important... And you need to book with somebody that's reliable and won't let you down...

And so far, we have NEVER let anybody down and ANY issues are usually sorted within 24 hours

(...and we always make things 'right' by adding any 'downtime' beyond our control to your hire as our way of saying sorry!).

The most important thing is though, don't worry! Let us take care of making your hire go as smoothly as possible so you can just relax and enjoy that bubbly bliss! Hot tubs really are the BEST way to unwind and relax with loved ones, friends and family.

So, what's next? You can take a look at some pictures here, or our prices here, or if you have any questions or if you'd just like to book, click here.


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